Giving brands a new genre of marketing tool which is designed to exhilarate their end consumers.



To blend complex technology with user friendly interface, creating absolute joy for the end user.



To be the top Experiential Marketing agency in Asia within two years of our inception.



Creation of success stories by partnering closely with clients in the three chosen verticals

the rockstars

Rashmi kohli


Successful entrepreneur, a great visionary, true leader and a casing point of never say die attitude.

A management graduate, she has proved her excellence with both; technology and entrepreneurship. Accredited with creation of two mega success stories; Sparrow Interactive and Sparrow 3D, she leveraged technology to create her success saga.

High on yoga and spirituality her ‘creation of successful technology ventures’ is her idea of nirvana. She dreams of running an NGO someday.

Ashish Mahajan


The tech guy, the trouble shooter, armor with no chink, and the one with never a ruffled feather.

He get his jollies out of pursuing newer, complex technologies. As a technology junkie there is nothing that he can’t figure out using his muse. As a co-founder of Sparrow group, his love for technology ensured smoother success march for Sparrow Interactive and the Sparrow 3D.

A die hard fan of single malt and action at work. He dreams of running a café, someday.

Amit Shankar


The creative light house, non-conformist, the dreamer, the motivator and the writer.

With an award studded advertising career, he has worked with the best of the global advertising agencies, lending more panache to fortune 500 brands. In his earlier avatar, he has successfully managed to package technology creatively, creating absolute delight for his clients. Stickler for details and discpline, he idolizes General Patton.

Dreams of being a jazz musician, a novelist, a chef, a traveler or maybe nothing at all.

Chandan Abrol

Lead-Project Management

Armed with a potent combo of engineering - management, he comes with over 10 years of experience in operations management. His rich exposure can be witnessed in mega web projects for HMEL, BILT, Honda, Eicher, Barclays to name a few. Chandan would be responsible for the client interface & for smooth project execution and delivery.

An avid traveller, over weekends you can find him dishing out the exquisite Wazwan nestled amidst a host of other mughlai delicacies.

Rishi Sharma


A master of ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, and SQL Database, he has been delivering robust web technologies for the over a decade.

Currently, he leads a team of firebrand developers exploring new horizons of AR applications for Android & iOS powered devices.

A committed family man, he de-stresses with movies and music.