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See the magic happen in thin air!

Using holographic displays we create Holographic projections that enable spectacular 3D moving life-size holograms to appear in thin air inside a contained environments.

For displaying these projections a variety of Holographic Display boxes are available in different sizes, colors and designs. These boxes have inbuilt LED lamps for focusing on a real product just in case you would want to do some cool effects around your product or its model. If in case you have a larger requirement for an event we can also setup holographic stage wherein real and virtual can combine in a life size live stage setting.

Specialized media is created for holo boxes to create the right 3D impact and can be simply played on the holo box using USB input port. A remote control can be used to change the media from one file to another if required.

Model Series


These are Holographic Displays with Only Front Side Viewing. Available in sizes from 17 inches upto 36 inches


Holographic Displays with 3 and 4 side viewing in sizes upto 42 inches

Interactive DreamPod

Dreampods with Embedded touch tabs to control the media being played inside the display box


These are 1 Sq. meter inverted open from top display boxes in extra large sizes ideal for keeping in sales galleries and welcome zones

  • Show full 360° views of your product models be it automobiles or consumer durables or simply your logo you are sure to grab the eyeballs you require.
  • Show product features with glamorous visual effects
  • Do special effects on actual model of your product thereby combining real with virtual.