Augmented Reality
Multi-touch Surfaces
Interactive Holographic Displays
Brand Experience Zones

Virtual View in Real Environs

Wanted to see how a LED screen would look on your wall or how a particular design of split AC go with your interiors or what about a refrigerator in one nook of your kitchen. All this is made possible with AR. Just point your handheld on the area you would want to keep the product in, select the product from interactive menu and place it in real environment virtually. You can still change colors, adjust position and experiment with sizes before making your purchase decision. All this comes powered with ordering solutions so that your goods get delivered at your door step.

Interactive AR Brochures with 3D Experience

Get swankiest of graphic effects overlaid on your brochures. Let users interact with 360° model of your range and explore those feature by feature and part by part all on their own. Give information n interactive format through videos, graphic overlays and responsive 3D models all in real time.

AR promotions on Print Ads/ Leaflets

Go smart. With limited printing spaces your message had always been limited too. Be it newspaper ads or brochures or information leaflets we always want to say more and more but are not able to owing to little space to talk. But this limitation is no more. With AR you can tell your customers all that you wanted to share all that they would want to know. Interactive overlays which are a combination of text/ graphics/ 2d and 3d make it possible now. You can do anything you want only limitation is the power of your imagination. Interact and engage your customer with power of AR by creating extraordinary experiences.

AR promotions for New Products in Store

Let your new products do the talk themselves. Be it an information standee, a product leaf, a poster, an in store promotion through print or outdoor promotions such as hoardings and billboards. Everything comes to life with a simple AR experience app that can be seen on most mobiles and tabs.

Post Sales Product AR

AR is not just limited to advertising. A lot of it can be created for creating a wonderful post sales experience by making your product information booklets AR ready. Cleaning an air filter or fixing TV on wall brackets is just a video away made possible through AR right on your information booklet pages.

  • AR on product to explain parts and DIY techniques
  • AR on product information brochures

AR triggered Customer Service Centres

Need Maintenance assistance for your product. Just point your handheld on the Logo and request for a call back or fill service call request online. No need to remember long toll free numbers and be put on long holds. AR does the trick for you now.