Augmented Reality
Multi-touch Surfaces
Interactive Holographic Displays
Brand Experience Zones

Interactive AR Brochures, demos with 3D experience

Get exhilarating graphics overlaid on your brochures. Let users interact with 360° model of your automobile. Enable them to explore features, USP, highlights, history, technology all this at their own convenience. Let your brand interact with your prospective buyer via videos, graphic overlays and responsive 3D models, all in real time.

AR on Print

Go smart.

Be it newspaper ads or brochures, we always want to say more and more but feel restricted by the space crunch. Get AR on your side. Tell your customers all that you want to. Grab their attention, engage and interact by using Interactive overlays which are a combination of text/ graphics/ 2d and 3D. Your imagination could be your only limitation.

Point and Know inStore Automobile AR

Let your users point a tab at any part of your car and enable them to know the features, working and specifications of the same. Be it side mirrors, tires, engine compartment, steering wheel or headlamps everything comes to life virtually. What's more the users can change colors, rotate 360°, open doors all standing or sitting comfortably on the lounge chair by simply pointing handheld at your display automobile. Possibilities here are endless

Model Comparison AR

Let users compare your model with other models of your and competition make in any segment. A powerful DB at the backend would list down the comparison sheets in just couple of seconds on their tab.

Post Sales Product AR

AR is not just limited to advertising. A lot of it can be created for creating a wonderful post sales experience by making your vehicle information booklets AR ready. Changing a flat tire or fixing a fuse now is just a video away made possible through AR right on your information booklet pages. Service centers can use the power of AR to store and retrieve all records of a vehicle by just scanning number plates.

  • AR on product to explain parts and DIY techniques
  • AR on product information brochures
  • AR on service and maintenance records